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Best YouTube Classical Guitar Videos

This page will be updated weekly with new videos.

Please note that YouTube videos are frequently removed by the user or the site.


Kaori Muraji, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

This artist plays the orchestral melody and the chorale (vocal part) together, and makes them sound like independent lines.  Absolutely astonishing.


Michael Chapdelaine, Bach Prelude BWV 846

A majestic, heartfelt interpretation of this piano classic by an award-winning guitarist.


Rossfelder, Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond

A haunting, unforgettable Scottish folk tune.  Some verses are arranged with melody in the bass, and sweet, wispy chords placed above it.  If anyone knows where I can get this arrangement, please e-mail the site.

Segovia discussing tone and other musical issues; includes his playing

Classical Joe No. 1, Carl Henze Nocturne 

The tone in this recording is unusually colorful and rich, perhaps due to the guitar's split bridge, where the saddle and tie block section are separate.  The composition is also exceptionally sweet and charming.


Su Meng, Paganini Caprice no 24

A tour de force of technical virtuosity and flawless musicianship.


Angel Romero, Sor Opus 9, Mozart: Introduction, Theme and 5 variations

This recording is unique in its profound and poetic expression--the trademark of the Romeros.


Andres Segovia, Sor Opus 9, Mozart: Theme and 5 variations


Jim Greeninger, Intro & Romance

The performer adds a fascinating introduction to this enduring favorite of the classical guitar repertoire.


Petronila, Antonio Lauro


Peo Kindgren, J. S. Bach: Prelude BWV 998


J.S. Bach Prelude BWV 998 -10 string classical guitar

A few mistakes by the performer fail to detract from the magnificent sound of this Bach masterpiece when the full pitch range is realized, and his beautiful bass lines retain their original shape.


Oh Seung Kook, "Secret Garden"


Karin Schaupp, Tarrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Once the tremolo portion starts, this performance becomes absolutely magical.


David Russell, Weiss: Suite LIVE Part II

Astonishing virtuosity plus brilliant interpretations--a rare combination.


Julian Bream, Fernando Sor: Sonata In C Major, Opus 15 No. 2

Bream's range of color and interpretive ideas makes this Sor sonata glow in the dark. 


Gonzalo Molano, J. S. Bach: Lute Suite BWV 997 Gigue and Double

The lyricism, clarity, beauty of tone and phrasing--especially in the Double--is a rare experience for those who've heard this work performed by other guitarists.


Peo Kindgren, Pachelbel: Canon in D

A flowing arrangement with many original, interesting twists, infused with Kindgren's unique emotional warmth.  The guitar has a lovely tone and an unusually strong singing quality.


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