Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is the preferred equipment of less investment, quick small sand production line, transform material bar form. Hammer crusher can achieve selective discharge.

Hammer Crusher

The benefits of hammer crusher

The advantages of hammer crusher:

  • 1, Hammer crusher has the advantages of simple structure, compact size, small self weight, small power consumption of unit product;
  • 2, Its crushing ratio, high productivity, small size and uniform products, cubic shape, less overcrushing;
  • 3, Hammer crusher working reliability, maintenance convenient, easy to check and replacement parts;
  • 4, The crusher machine is the first choice of less investment, quick small sand production line, transform material bar form, and can achieve selective discharge;
  • 5, with small size, light weight, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high crushing ratio, crushing small, uniform product size, production capacity etc.;
  • 6, For a variety of materials in crushing medium hard, brittle, compressive strength of 150 MPa;
  • 7, Hammer of this crusher machine uses the new technology of casting, abrasion, impact resistance;
  • 8, According to the requirements of customers, adjust the required size;
  • 9, Hammer broken body sealing structure, solves the problem of leakage of ash crushing workshop of dust pollution and the;
  • 10, The overall design of beautiful appearance, compact structure, less wearing parts, convenient repair and other advantages, is the upgrading of products.

Hammer crusher is helpful for the preparation of coal water slurry

As a new matrix of coal slurry fuel, coal water slurry can be the same as the oil pump, atomization, storage and combustion stability. The calorific value is equivalent to half of the fuel oil. Coal water slurry can replace fuel oil for boiler, power plant, industrial furnace and kiln. Coal water slurry is usually used in replacing coal burning, with high combustion efficiency, load adjustment convenience, reduce environmental pollution, improve working conditions and save coal etc.. Coal water slurry is the current economic environment. There is a coal fluid fuel. Coal water slurry is widely used.

However, in the coal water slurry preparation process, we must contain a certain amount of water after washing coal primary crushing. The use of traditional jaw crusher, the coal is easy to stay in the crushing cavity, leading to reduce production. After experiments, we made the improvement of hammer crusher. The hammer crusher machine can break coal humidity function. The crushing cavity is without retention, and effectively solves the difficult problem of wet coal crushed. The hammer crusher machine adopts high manganese steel liner, with many advantages, such as high wear-resistant hammer forging, high yield, long service life etc..

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