Advantages of roll crusher

The basic structure of one pair of roll crusher

Brick business use of a roll is active and the other is fixed smooth roll differential speed double roll crusher, the structure shown in Figure 1. Features of this roll crusher are two rolls of the same diameter, different rotation speeds, will roll faster than the driven roller. Two rotating rollers with a differential speed can grind the material by shearing action, effectively destroy the natural structure of the material, improve the crushing effect of the material. Transmission way: the motor movement and power transmission through the triangle belt and gear to pass a fixed roller, roll and fixed gear after the power to the movement and activities of roller, so that the two rollers are not constant speed reverse rotation. Material from the upper feed port was added, after two crushing rollers turn toward one another by means of friction and gravity, it will give the material to bite into the crushing chamber, applying pressure to the grinding and crushing action, and finally from following the discharge port. Spring is a safety device. When the material in the folder or hard chunks of debris falling debris crushing chamber can not be crushed when the roll force increased activity rollers can move to the left by the compression spring bearing activities, to be heterozygous after the material is discharged, by the spring force of the roller cylinder was then restored to its original position. Particle size of the crushed material is determined by the gap between the two roll surface can be adjusted appropriately set. In order to ensure the normal operation of the roll crusher, roll on each circle with a scraper device (two rollers are smooth roll under circumstances). Scraper under the action of mechanical clamping force Fei firmly roll lap to the table, the roll ring surface adhesion of materials removed.

The advantages of two roll crusher structure is simple, reliable, small power consumption; double roll crusher roller surface has high wear resistance and repairability, to ensure the stability of the roll gap at work. As the material is squeezed by two crushing rollers, therefore, the moisture content of the material has a wide range of adaptation. The disadvantage is broken than not, the production capacity is not high, the work requirements and vibration feeder evenly.

In high-volume, heavy crushing process roll crusher has good because the external structure and operating characteristics, so often superior to other types of crusher, when crushing force acting on the rack, roll crusher than large small cone crusher space occupied by smaller deformation generated by the mounting base, than roll crusher jaw crusher has a larger capacity, the disadvantage is that because Rolling Stone crusher crusher concentrated in the center of the roller, We need high-strength shafts, bearings and support mechanism.

Since the roll crusher since appeared, has been widely used, but has been as jaw crusher, cone crusher and other ancillary equipment, as a secondary crushing of materials, that is, roll crusher has been in a supporting role status, the number of practical applications are relatively small. Equipped with replaceable wear liners on a roll crusher roller, wear-resistant lining domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, has a long life and difficult to damage, easy maintenance and other advantages. Continuous service life of up to one year or more, wear serious, remove the lid can be replaced. Small amount of maintenance, and low cost, which is any other type of domestic crusher can not be compared, not all ingredients can be used roll crusher to break, for example, great hardness of shale or coal gangue and other materials , crushing it more difficult for the partial flat shape (a sheet) materials, roller machine crushing effect is not ideal, because the sheet material to make the gap between the rolls of the roll machine "drain" down, so broken effect is reduced. If you have the raw material, it should be selected to combat type broken equipment, such as a hammer crusher, cage crusher and impact crusher and so on.

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