Application of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher crushing equipment used in the industry's longest, into the market a long time, the technology is mature, it has been one of the mining equipment industry by the trust, broken jaw and other broken equipment, it also has obvious advantages, single from the broken material hardness to see, other than broken equipment much broader scope, but also has his own shortcomings, such as fragmentation and large size.

So jaw crusher in the mining industry in general as primary crushing equipment, adapted to pebbles, limestone, granite, stone chips and other greater hardness ore, stone production in general, a broken jaw and can not meet the qualified particle size stone requirements, also need to be equipped to fight back broken or broken hammer and other secondary crushing equipment, impact crusher belongs to break, due to the production structure of the striking bow broken, so suitable for low hardness materials, and broken jaw for greater hardness of the material.

So we kind suitable for crushing material, the greater broken jaw applications, general metallurgy, building materials, railway, cement, refractories, etc. can be used to, now mine, coal, construction waste recycling application is very extensive, he particularly occupy a major position in the building materials and materials used.

In the jaw crusher with the production of the most common are the stone crushing production line, mineral production line, pebble crushing production lines, as well as quartz sand, iron ore, marble crushing processing step of greater hardness, crushing jaw crusher modern industry mainstay.

Jaw crusher is crushing equipment appeared earlier, its structure is simple, rugged, reliable, easy maintenance and repair as well as production and construction costs relatively low, and therefore, until now still widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industrial sectors, for breaking strength at 147 ~ 245MPa of ores and rocks of coarse, medium, fine.

In recent years, I plant to meet the metallurgical, mining, construction and other industrial sectors broken high strength, high hardness of low carbon ferrochrome needs, specially developed strong jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher is generally divided into the compound pendulum jaw crusher jaw crusher and Jane put two kinds, mainly for coarse material. In recent years, he appeared for crushing compound pendulum jaw crusher and crushing high strength, high hardness, low carbon ferrochrome strong crusher. As we all know, jaw crusher jaw main problem is the low life. To this end, the company developed a special material, to improve the boot process to avoid overload damage, still using the fluid coupling on the mainframe, improving the performance of the equipment.

Use of jaw crusher: jaw crusher is mainly used for a variety of ores and bulk materials of medium-grained crushing, widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. Maximum compressive strength of the material to be broken as 320MPa.

Features: crushing ratio, even granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating costs. Jaw crusher working principle: work, the motor pulley driven by eccentric shaft rotation, so moving jaw cycle to close, leaving the fixed jaw, thereby materials are extrusion, rub, grind, such as multiple broken, so that the material from large to small, gradually whereabouts until discharged from the discharge port.

Jaw crusher is an extremely versatile crushing equipment, according to their structural characteristics can be divided into the compound pendulum jaw crusher (ie, single toggle jaw crusher plate) and a simple pendulum jaw crusher (ie, elbows plate jaw crusher).

In general, the compound pendulum jaw crusher is suitable for coarse, medium broken below the compressive strength of 250MPa various ores and rocks, of which more than three sizes PEF0609 crusher to be broken all kinds of hard ores and rocks; PEF- X crushing compound pendulum jaw crusher is generally only suitable for crushing medium hardness ores and rocks less. The PEJ simple pendulum jaw crusher can crush all kinds of ores and rocks with hardness, and in particular for crushing all kinds of hard and strong abrasive stone.

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