Jaw crusher capacity parameter

As one of essential equipment of sand production line, jaw crusher is especially prominent in its aspect. According to the production and research of sand production line equipment for many years, SBM has summarized a few jaw crusher essential tips for the customer. Master it not only can improve efficiency of the equipment, and maintenance of the equipment have a certain role.

Jaw crusher capacity parameter

1, Only in crusher normal operation, the operator can be put into the production of material.

2, Broken material must be evenly placed in broken cavity. It is absolutely not to add material from the side, nor the material, so that the device can not cause unilateral overload or under the pressure of overload.

3, In Jaw crusher capacity parameter normal work, the bearing temperature can not exceed 30 degrees. The maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. If during working time, the temperature of jaw crusher is above the temperature. The operator should stop working for inspection immediately. After identification of the cause, the operator should take measures immediately to resolve the problem.

4, Before crusher machine to stop working, must first stop feeding. After material waiting for the crushing chamber is excluded, power can be turned off. This can not easily lead to the occurrence of broken cavity blockage phenomenon.

5, In the jaw crusher work, if because of the broken cavity material too many caused the parking, the operator should immediately turn off power to stop the crusher, and material cleaning. After the clean-up, the party may run the job again.

6, After using jaw crusher for a period of time, be sure to carry out maintenance and maintenance, check the stability of the various parts.

7, If end of jaw plate has worn, can change the side to use. This can make full use, and can save the cost.

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