Key content of gold ore beneficiation process

Key content of gold ore beneficiation process

Gold is considered to be the most valuable precious metal and is the foundation of the country's economic strength. It has always been the goal of SBM machines to develop and improve the gold beneficiation technology.

Sulfur-containing fine-grained gold ore is one of the sources of gold in China. The gold distribution in the ore is fine and difficult to separate, and the outer layer is covered with sulfides such as pyrite and arsenic. Therefore, conventional gold leaching agents are generally used. Can not be extracted, need to use cyanide immersion gold, enrichment of gold minerals, this is the most effective way at present, the following is the key content of gold ore beneficiation process.


Before the flotation, the ore should be ground to separate the minerals in the ore. The ore is ground to the particle size most suitable for flotation. It can not only maximize the separation of fine-grained sulfide ore, but also enable the gangue slime. The degree of influence is minimized, and the flotation efficiency of the fine-grained sulfide ore is increased.

The gold recovery rate gradually increases with the increase of grinding fineness. When the grinding fineness exceeds a limit, the gold recovery rate will decrease. It is therefore important to determine the optimum grinding fineness of the ore.

Flotation agent

In the flotation, the dosage of the agent has a great influence on the flotation results. The dosage of the pH regulator, activator, collector and gangue inhibitor should be controlled within a certain range to ensure the maximum flotation effect. .

Key content of gold ore beneficiation process

Mineral processing

Conventional fine-grained gold ore is easy to choose and separate. Simple flotation process and chemicals can ensure high recovery rate of gold. At the same time, in order to save energy, the conventional beneficiation process should also use more strengthening technology to maximize resources. Use.

Complex fine-grained gold ore beneficiation process: For complex micro-fine gold ore, the recovery rate of gold should be strengthened by strengthening the pretreatment process and the combined process. The intensive pretreatment process refers to pre-treating the ore under various energy fields and microorganisms, exposing the wrapped gold to improve the recovery rate of gold. In actual production, fine-grained gold ore is pretreated by calcination oxidation method, biological pre-oxidation method, chemical oxidation method and the like. The test shows that under the optimal conditions of the test, the gold ore is calcined & mdash; the cyanide leaching gold process has a gold cyanidation leaching rate of up to 92%. This process has the advantages of low investment, simple process, low energy consumption and no pollution. .

With the continuous research on complex gold ore beneficiation by SBM machines in the past few decades, the research and development of new technologies for gold ore beneficiation process can continuously improve the recovery rate of gold ore, save energy and reduce waste.

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