Working of jaw crusher

There are many problems in the dust transformation of jaw crusher. The existing problems and the solutions of the existing problems and the solutions are introduced by SBM.

PE Jaw Crusher Dust Transformation

First of all, existing problems:

In the manufacture of the dustproof effect is not so ideal. The primary reasons are:

1, Great deal of dust density produced when PE jaw crusher working at high;

2, In the dust suction hood, not even close to the mouth of design and the purpose of view isn't reasonable, easy diffusion is difficult to gather dust;

3, Spray mind, low pressure atomization, the result isn't good;

4, Generate a small mind, spray, import and export of every one;

5, After PE jaw crusher cavity, that's, lining board and spring chair isn't set dustproof device, about 25% from the amount can't collect the dust.

Next, changing measures:

1, Current compound pendulum PE jaw crusher ought to be enhanced in structure and process. In the source to lessen the generation of dust. PE jaw crusher while stone production line, the amount of dust created by the quantity of ore crushing efficiency, play a huge role in. Your tooth plate tooth density, tooth type and tooth plate and the body strong and tooth plate put on degree is a vital element in crushing efficiency. Usually, a sieving ore before getting into the crushing chamber. Only greater than sieve specifications will enter PE jaw crusher for crushing ores. However the screen underneath the existing conditions is simple to jam. Otherwise obvious the screen, so lots of ore are entering PE jaw crusher. This makes the initial are only able to pass the sieve damaged ore will probably enter PE jaw crusher. It'll greatly boost the dust produced. So to be able to better control the origin of dust, should be timely troubleshooting sieve blocking, reduce the quantity of dust created whenever possible.

2, An acceptable choice of tooth plate, enhance the crushing efficiency. Not just the amount of teeth of teeth plate original with less and bigger teeth. This isn't favorable to crushing high hardness ore. After analysis and comparison, the amount of teeth elevated three compared to original tooth plate and also the tooth type small. With the request from the crushing efficiency is elevated by about 10%, the quantity of dust created considerably reduced.

3, PE jaw crusher impact load frequently throughout the operation. The ore and tooth plate, frequent impact extrusion, the fixed tooth plate is simple to happen throughout use and also the movable jaw tooth plate helping to loosen or losing phenomenon. Particularly the fixed tooth plate. When the loose tooth plate will seriously lessen the crushing efficiency of PE jaw crusher, leading to very long time retention within the crushing cavity ore. The ore and also the tooth plate frequently friction produced lots of dust. Therefore, must result in the tooth plate fixation is reliable, can help to eliminate dust produced in the source.

4, The timely alternative of blunt tooth plate. Once the tooth put on will raise the contact area and also the ore formation, bigger pressure solid core, and can overeat of damaged energy, also resulting in parcels of of dust.

5, Increase PE jaw crusher the traction speed feed ore offerring the next. Discharging controlling subsequent offerring speed can't only make PE jaw crusher perform best, and may attain the aftereffect of dust control. Practice has demonstrated that, in making certain the rear of each procedure range and production capacity, enhance the traction speed, two occasions less the quantity of elevated dust.

Working of jaw crusher

6, Spray water pressure around the dust effect. High water pressure of dust depositing works better. Increase of spray flow can enhance the efficiency of reducing dust. Yesteryear can be used in industrial circulating water. Not just water pressure is low, and also the water quality is poor. Frequently spray enough problems. Spray mouth is definitely blocked. Spray effect is tough to manage dust diffusion. To be able to improve this problem, to provide push independent dustproof system. The hydraulic pressure is modified to .6MPa above. Choose good atomization quality. Wartrol nozzle from the spray position. Simultaneously, based on the physical options that come with collecting natural mine water because the water source, greatly lowering the spray nozzle blocking phenomenon, acquired better aftereffect of dust.

7, In PE jaw crusher work process, supply of dust is produced mainly within the crushing cavity. Because the ore within the volume crushing cavity is really a cyclic procedure for altering how big the. And so the formation of internal pressure as well as an apparent flow in the crushing cavity and also the outlet. Therefore the dust is principally to spread out repair material outlet and inlet of PE jaw crusher ( the movable jaw fishing rod spring position) lots of discharge, then diffusion, nearly all dust within the bud. After setting a sprig nozzle within the outlet. Now based on the actual situation, in three points of every two of spray mister nozzles. Just over the crushing cavity, the crusher outlet in-front or 45 levels downward and crusher access port. Simultaneously each one of the spray mouth to create mix position, to be able to obtain the best spray area and effect. Essentially this could dust decrease in about 70%.

8, To enhance the dust removal facilities location. Due to the axial flow fan dust cover are initially used far in the dust discharge port, within the above 2~3m. Parallel position and mud flow direction. The dust collecting hood design flaw set. Actually, even though the dust created by spray dust, however the residual dust will spread rapidly. The particular arrival of fan mouth inhalation of dust dust isn't inside the scope of. This greatly cuts down on the aftereffect of dust suction fan. Therefore, the dust collection fan cover based on the actual adjustment to export in the dust outlet is all about 1m and also the vertical direction from the dust flow. The front-end 1/3 as well as an axial flow fan in ventilation pipeline also needs to go about. The fan can enjoy the very best effect.

9, The damaged open repair machine on PE jaw crusher is arranged in the spring fishing rod suction hood within the jaw. Generally set here the dust hood brings great inconvenience to production operation. To PE jaw crusher refueling and maintenance have to slowly move the dust cover, will also occupy the aisle.

10, To be able to result in the whole dustproof measures is definitely inside a relatively stable condition, to be able to better control the general depth of dust. In the production process, to go in the crusher prior to the humidifying treatment. It may effectively lessen the dust produced within the ore crushing process rate.

Third, conclusion:

Practice has demonstrated that, by implementing the excellent reform measures, the jaw crusher dust produced within the working process continues to be effectively curbed. And it has made important accomplishments within the dust collection and stop multiplication.

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