Mobile Sand Washing Machine

As a senior mobile Sand Washing Machine manufacturers, we are obliged to provide you with the relevant knowledge, so that you use sand washing machine in the process more convenient.

Sand Washing Machine Bearing Maintenance

First, the process of Mobile Sand Washing Machine operation is in operation. So there is no debris or moisture into the bearing. It is usually used to protect the mechanical bearing and lubricant from the oil seal to protect the mechanical bearing and the lubricant from the contamination, in order to prevent the damage to the machine. Because sand washing machine equipment in the process of curing need to lubricate oil. So don't put incompatible greases. If the two kinds of incompatible mix oil, bearing damage due to loss of oil. If you want to change the grease, you must first completely remove the oil sand washing machine bearing inside and outside the old grease before it can add new oil. And it has strict requirements for the lubricating oil of the washing machine, and has the anti rust effect and good adhesion. This will prevent the bearing rust corrosion. So as to affect sand washing sand mechanical use efficiency and the use quality.

Secondly, the consistency and lubricating ability of the lubricating grease for sand washing machine is affected by the working temperature.. The bearing must choose grease with correct consistency and good lubricating effect at the same temperature. Fats and oils are divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. So, according to the appropriate temperature to the sand washing machine equipment to choose the right grease. Finally, when the sand washing machine in the normal operation, the grease will be from the sand washing machine bearing to the bearing. Because the purchase of high quality sand washing machine lubricating oil is particularly important, not only for bearing but also the production efficiency is closely related.

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