Talc powder machinery production

Talc Talc is a main component of an aqueous magnesium silicate, formula Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH) 2. Talc is monoclinic system. Crystal was false hexagonal or diamond-shaped flakes, occasionally. Usually a dense block, leaf-shaped, radial, fibrous assemblies. Colorless or white, but with a small amount of impurities and showed light green, light yellow, light brown or even light red; cleavage plane was pearl luster. Hardness 1, the proportion of 2.7 to 2.8.

Talc has a lubricating, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation resistance, high melting point, chemically inert, hiding good, soft, shiny, strong adsorption of other excellent physical and chemical characteristics, since the crystalline structure of talc is laminar like, so easy to split into scales of trends and special lubricants, if high Fe2O3 content will reduce its insulation.

Talc Talc processing equipment in the production process is how does it work?

Talc is currently used primarily in industrial production industry production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, paper, cosmetics, paint and other Japanese class currently on the market to thousands of 325-mesh talc general purpose fine talcum powder has different needs, low purity The talc used for small and medium sized mills, high purity talc is used in paints, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other relatively high-end industry production. In general, the degree of fine talcum powder talcum powder production process is affected by the impact.

On talcum powder production process, to sum it up, talc production is mainly beneficiation, crushing and milling of the three steps, different steps needed talc processing equipment is different. Floating ringworm ringworm ringworm photoelectric pick selected magnetic beneficiation talc are four different methods, in the future impact crushing and beneficiation by alternately using a circular sieve method using talcum powder processing equipment, quartz and carbonate minerals from the talc separated, then that is talc grinding machine starts working.

At present, China talc processing with dry processing as the main processing method, based on natural talc can be crushed and excellent grindability, talc processing equipment used in Raymond, mechanical impact mill, jet mill based, these are production of 200 mesh, 325 mesh and 500-1250 Head talc major processing equipment. Dry production process from the election process talc slippery rocks to crushing, in the dry, broken after fine grinding and ultrafine grinding, if you use ultra-fine milled talcum powder pulverizer, produced by the Talc can achieve the purpose of the fine degree 500-5000.

SFT is currently the world's ultra-fine powder products the largest amount among the industry may be used include paper, plastics, paint and paint production and so on. But with the continuous development of the plastics industry, talcum powder is also used in the automotive and home appliance plastics production industry, so the market for talc become increasingly demanding, thus promoting innovation talcum powder processing equipment. The higher level of talcum application of talc grinding machine equipment requirements are higher, more needs ultrafine mill, high pressure hanging roller mill of this type of talcum powder processing equipment in order to make the output value obtained talc reflect

Many slag cement production line so that the process of continuous long-term operation of blast furnace slag piles gave a headache for many steel companies, while milling function so worthless waste has become the development of recycling economy and promote energy conservation of new resources. Shanghai Shibang production mill can be a good solution to these problems.

After a lot of waste slag produced slag cement production site, blast furnace after being dried, it was immediately closed a long tape feed vertical milling machine Machine "big mouth", after the processing of high-tech, the giant vacuum cleaner slag superfine powder directly into finished products. The entire production process are carried out in a closed environment. Shanghai Shibang developed this slag cement production line can be in "swallow" 12 million tons of blast furnace slag, not only will these old waste is converted into low-cost, high-quality green cement, new economic benefits for enterprises.

Currently, the Shanghai World state ripe grasp alternative preparation of high performance concrete cement clinker blast furnace slag superfine powder large proportion of proportion and methods developed blast furnace slag superfine powder processing technology, research level international leading level.

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