Diesel engine jaw crushers

Jaw Crusher

1, Wear and damage cause analysis

The end of the jaw crusher is supported in the groove of the rear side of the connecting rod.. The other side is supported on the rear wall of the iron bolt elbow on the frame. The rear thrust plate material is mostly gray iron. The wear resistance, bending strength and toughness of the material are lower. When the jaw crusher works, the force of the rear thrust plate is constantly changed. Especially when there are large hard stone into the feeding port, there will be more stress peak. At the same time, because the rear thrust plate movement is big, and the direct contact area of the groove and elbow is limited. Therefore, contact stress will cause the contact part of the rear thrust plate premature wear and damage.

2, Improve methods of Diesel engine jaw crushers

The integrated thrust plate of variable gray iron cast iron integral thrust plate is composed of different material.

The backing block of the thrust plate is in contact with the groove and the elbow seat to the cylinder contact. Through the sliding support block nested in the thrust plate, and bolts. In order to increase the strength of the supporting block, the symmetric distribution of the supporting block and the push plate are the support block.

The improved thrust plate, due to the strength and toughness of the contact part of the groove and elbow, reduces the local stress. Moreover, the wear resistance increased significantly, so the effect was significant after using. And because of the size of the middle part of the thrust plate, the structure has no change, and still plays a role of overload protection.

In the practical use, the improved jaw crusher can extend the service life of the thrust plate from several weeks to a few months, and significantly improve the economic benefits.

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