VSI rotor centrifugal crusher

SBM Rotor Centrifugal Crusher

The SBM rotor centrifugal crusher RSMX is used for crushing and shaping all types of minerals – soft or hard, moderately or extremely abrasive.

Wear in the SBM Rotor Centrifugal Crusher is reduced to a minimum. The patented Twin- Chamber Rotor is characterized by functional simplicity. Within the centrifugal chamber a rock shelf is formed serving as self protection against wear of the rotor.

If harder rock is handled, we recommend to use the rock shelf as impact wall making use of the rock-on-rock principle. Hardfacing or even storing a spare rotor is not necessary.

The crushing result in the SBM Rotor Centrifugal Crusher remains completely constant during the full lifetime of the wear parts - this also makes a significant advantage as compared to crushers using conventional crushing technologies.

Production of high-quality cubical products

Every single particle of the input material undergoes extreme acceleration due to the centrifugal force in the rotor and is hurled against the impact wall. The high impact stress results in a very high cubicity of the final product.

Consistent quality of final products

The crushing results remain completely unchanged, even in the course of the life time of the crushing tools. Any random effects during material processing are systematically precluded. This is yet another feature that distinguishes the SBM rotor centrifugal crusher from other conventional crushing technologies.

Selective size reduction

As a result of the precisely directed impact the comminution of any individual particle containing less resistant components than the rest will be achieved to a greater extent. This allows crushing of friable rock components in a targeted manner and, as a result, significantly enhancing the quality of the products (Los Angeles values, frost resistance). In case of ores or other conglomerate raw minerals containing components of different hardness the final product can be enriched easily.

Superior machine technology

Worldwide proven twin-chamber rotor With decades of experience, SBM-Sonthofen is the specialist for VSI crushers. The patented twin-chamber rotor is yet another milestone in the on-going development of the VSI principle.

Plug and play

Machine and drive train are completely mounted on a single base frame, ready for installation. A large hydraulically liftable cover, slewable by 360° allows unimpeded access.

Reliable lubrication

The SBM rotor centrifugal crusher is supplied with a recirculating oil lubrication system with cooling and integrated monitoring. This allows low-maintenance and reliable operation.

Easy maintenance and high availability

All areas of the machine that are subjected to heavy stress are protected by wearing parts which are easy to exchange and made of materials that can be optimized for the specific application. Neither hardfacing nor storing a spare rotor is required.

Anti-vibration mounting

The rubber spring elements installed between the base frame and machine absorb all vibrations generated during operation, thus keeping them away from the supporting steel structure. Excessive vibrations are registered by an electronic vibration detector and cause the machine to be shut down.

Typical applications with anvil ring

» Production of cubical high-quality aggregates and sand from medium-hard, moderately abrasive input materials, such as gravel, limestone, dolomite, diabase, basalt, andesite, broken bricks, cement clinker etc.

» Selective crushing of conglomerates, moderately abrasive slags, industrial minerals, mining overburden etc.

» Recycling of asphalt and unreinforced concrete waste

Typical applications with rock shelf

» Production of cubical high-quality aggregates and sand from highly abrasive input materials, such as gravel, granite, porphyry, gneiss, greywacke, quartzite etc.

» Crushing of highly abrasive materials, such as aluminum oxide, ferrosilicon, abrasives, glass etc.

» Selective crushing of slags from steel mills, waste incineration plants etc.

Functional principle

The input material is fed from above into the center of the rotor centrifugal crusher. In the rotor, it is taken up by the two generously dimensioned centrifugal chambers. They eliminate the risk of clogging and allow high throughput rates. The input material is accelerated outward at high speed. This leads to an optimized impact on the fixed impact wall or rock shelf, resulting in a cubical particle shape.

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